Friday, May 4, 2012


Welcome, and thank you for visiting "Shaw Living," a blog dedicated to exploring both the voices and the real estate market of Shaw.

The first question you may have is:  "How do the voices of Shaw and real estate fuse together?"  Well, the answer to that is simple:  "It is the way that I, as a real estate agent, see the community."  In the need to explore the wonderful voices of Shaw, I have started this blog in order to accomplish three things:

1) Introduce myself to the community of Shaw.
2) Supply the community of Shaw with real estate market analysis.
3) Provide interviews from the merchants and organizations of Shaw, and provide an understanding of the people who stand behind their business.

I feel Evers and Company Real Estate, the brokerage with whom I am associated, can only bring further excellence in service to the community of Shaw.  With over 80% of our business from referrals, Evers & Co. (founded in 1985), has sustained an immaculate reputation since its beginning.

It is my pleasure to be an Evers & Co. agent specializing within the community of Shaw.

I look forward to meeting with you, the residents and businesses of Shaw, as I deliver the Evers & Co. excellent service to meet your desires, and your needs.    

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